Link building for eCommerce sites

If you have an ecommerce, you cannot afford to ignore this fundamental component of any seo plan, as it will provide a significant boost to your SEO strategy. Due to the architecture and composition of an ecommerce site, linkbuilding in this sort of project does not operate the same way as it does in any other site. But, first and foremost, we must consider that the casuistry that will primarily define the external linking strategy in each website will be the industry or habitat in which it works.

A digital, pharmaceutical, or financial niche is not the same, because each one has its own user typology, with a distinctive behavior on the sector, which ends up determining the way users engage with a variety of niche players.

Why is Link Building different for an ecommerce site?

SEO is a process in which each gear aids in the proper operation of the entire system. If we tackle link building in isolation, we will not realize its full potential, and we may even be working or spending resources without realizing it.

Therefore, if we understand that SEO involves several gears, Offpage SEO will be one set of these gears, while Onpage SEO will be another set of equal or more worth than the first, depending on the industry. As a result, the more complicated the site design, the more significant it is, because the distribution and usage of link juice is more complex.

Ecommerce is a type of business that, no matter how modest it is, will have a large number of categories, subcategories, items, and features… all of which will influence the internal and external linking strategy.

If you expect to discover the perfect solution to your unique problem in an article on the Internet, you either have a lot to learn about linkbuilding or you need the assistance of an expert. Everything in SEO is dependent. What factors influence it? It is determined by the site’s architecture, the strategy’s objective, and the project’s commercial vision.

Should I point all the links to the categories or sub-categories?

Do you not cover a substantial portion of your body with your clothes while you get dressed? And if that’s the case, why don’t you cover your head with a sock? Because it’s not usual, and you’ll provide the cante. The same is true for linkbuilding. Look for naturalness and connect to areas that, although not providing direct SEO benefit, might be valuable to the user and are logical.

Likewise, the anchors you use to link to these parts. If it is natural for someone to refer to another entity by its name, do not utilize direct transaction terms or possible keywords in an unnatural way.

What would be the greatest links for my online eCommerce?

The ideal link to your website is one from a direct competitor’s website. You’re probably thinking I’m a smart ass and that no one or only major businesses can obtain a connection there. But if you see it that way, you’re not seeing it with perspective.

You could wish to rank for a keyword like “fashion shoes.” When a user looks for fashion shoes, he may not be searching to buy, but rather to check which are the most trendy shoes for this summer, to pick from among the ones he already has in his wardrobe. And for that purpose, we may discover blogs or media that discuss trends and are optimized for your keywords.

Of course, with this form of connection, we will receive a direct link to increase in Google rankings. But what if I can’t locate any connections of this sort or quality? The most significant aspect of a link is that it is directly or indirectly linked to your project, in addition to having a high authority and the ability to bring you traffic (traffic means that the material is of high quality and the user interacts with the link).

How to do Link building for eCommerce sites

Let’s face it. Most probably you don’t have yet the time to learn everything you need to know about how to do link building properly for your online store. With that said, most likely your best choice is to get in touch with us. With 14+ years of experience in SEO, your link building strategy will be more than covered with us.