Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is the process when businesses combine with great bloggers so that they can provide huge support in promoting or marketing their products and services. Some business-people had assumptions in the past that this is just a waste of money as they can get much better results with other marketing techniques but now in the era of advancement and modernization, bloggers’ outreach can bring you great numbers of customers and sales that will surely contribute to your business growth. This guide will provide you with useful information about each aspect of blogger outreach and its contribution to business growth.

What actually is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is the process of sending personalized emails to bloggers, journalists, and other influencers while telling them about your products and services.

The main aim of such personalized emails is to convince those bloggers to talk about your product or services. In this way, bloggers can put your products in front of their huge number of audiences.

This thing is done in the form of a review. Bloggers will then link your website or brand so that audiences can visit your website if they are interested and make purchases if they really liked the product.

How blogger outreach can help grow your business?

Blogger outreach can help your business grow too many folds because this technique is beneficial for both, blogger and the brand. This is the factor that urges bloggers to put every ounce of their effort to make their promotional tactic extremely useful.

Reaching people from all around the world in a huge number is not that easy if you follow traditional marketing techniques and yes, that will be expensive as well. Blogger outreach provides you with the option to promote your brand on various platforms and in different means.

This will increase your brand’s product exposure that will eventually lead to more visitors, more sales, and growth as well. Apart from this, bloggers can build trust among their audiences and this can provide you with an upper edge. The audiences usually trust what the blogger is saying and that trust will definitely transfer towards your brand as well.

Major Types of Blogger Outreach:

Although the main purpose and aim behind blogger outreach are always the same, some aspects differ from each other and this thing categorizes blogger outreach into various types. The major types are briefly discussed below:

  • Using Product Review
  • Uploading Sponsored Posts
  • Featuring the Product
  • Product Giveaways

Using Product Review

Product review is probably the most commonly used tactic of blogger outreach. In this type of marketing, an actual piece of your product is delivered to the blogger so that he/she can make a review on it.

This review can be in the form of a video, story, blog, or any other outreaching technique. Youtube videos that are made to review products are one of the best examples of product review outreach.

Businesses can take their products to millions of bloggers’ subscribers for the price of one product. This is not only inexpensive but can build trust as people are usually loyal to the blogger to whom they subscribe.

Uploading Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are written or graphically created posts that are uploaded by the bloggers on their websites or social media accounts. The post totally includes information about your product and services while the link and username of your profile or brand are mentioned within or under the post.

The amount charged for one sponsored post varies depending on various factors in which the followers or influence of bloggers and type of post are the majors. It is highly recommended to make a legal agreement and shake hands on terms and conditions so that you don’t get into any mess after the work has been done or payment has been made.

Featuring the Product

A product feature is almost like a review but has some differences. It will not be like a simple or traditional review in which a person talks about your product’s specifications. As its name implies, the blogger will just mention your product in its blog or any other marketing technique in an indirect manner.

The best example of this can be given as the props or products used in movies. Actors only take a sip from soft drinks but this scene is actually shot to advertise that soft drink’s brand. The blogger will talk about any story such as he may mention that he was going hiking and was using your navigator.

Products Giveaways

Giveaways are probably the best blogger outreach type as it not only attracts all followers or audiences to participate in the competition but your product is shared to a great extent as well.

The product or prize given as a giveaway is provided by the brand while the blogger or influencers will host a competition on a platform. That platform could be their Instagram profile, Facebook page, Twitter account, or Youtube.

Just keep this fact in mind that this blogger outreach option will give an immense amount of exposure to your product at minimum cost. You can also add some conditions that will benefit you indirectly such as asking the audience to follow your profile to participate in the competition.

What is the most important thing in blogger outreach?

  • Researching and finding the best suitable blogger is essential to get maximum benefits from your marketing campaign.
  • Choosing the right bloggers means that you should only give your product for outreach to a blogger who works in your niche and has followers’ interest in your business-related products.
  • You can get an idea by the fact that if you give your brand’s shoes to a clothing blogger, it will only waste your money and time as people are only there to look for budget clothes, not for high-quality shoes.
  • You will have everything you have ever imagined if you are able to find the best suitable blogger in your niche, who has interested audiences, that all too at a low cost and with minimum effort.